• 9mm 147 gr RNCP (-P) Softy - 250 Round Box - 25050
  • 9mm 147 gr RNCP (-P) Softy - 250 Round Box - 25050

9mm 147 gr RNCP (-P) Softy - 250 Round Box

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These rounds are polished so nice you can see your beard growing round after round.


Let's cut to the chase. This is the round you want if you are shooting 3-Gun, or if you are looking for a soft shooting 9mm round. This round is priced to allow you to go train more often.

We love this round and so do many 3-Gun shooters.

The top shooters competing are looking for this inexpensive consistent and soft shooting round that will knock down a plate. It burns clean and goes bang every time. Pros are trying to hit targets while going fast with less recoil. USPSA, IDPA and IPSC league shooters should test this ammo with a certified match radar to verify your barrel will achieve required velocities prior to entering a competition. Guns are tuned differently and barrel wear changes how ammunition performs. This round is for you if you want to shoot faster, score better, get tighter groups and all that jazz. This round also makes you look more appealing to the opposite sex (that is the rumor).

We are loading an Xtreme Round Nose 147 grain bullet with an American made high end powder.

Very fun and inexpensive to train with. Run and gun like you mean business with a steady stream of 9mm training ammo on the way on autopilot. We don't store training ammo. We shoot it.

Delivered in a Bulk Loose 250 round box with a bag liner inside. No trays or 50 round boxes to trash up the place. You shoot more than a box of 50 so this is for you if you don't want the extra trash after a day of the pew pew life. #taketheshot

Product Reviews

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147 gr ammo


<p>I have been through almost 500 rounds so far, just waiting on my next shipment!! with the lessoned recoil, I am able to get back on target quicker, and can shoot more without tiring my hand out, I am disabled, so the range trips are much more enjoyable!!</p>

star rating:



<p>The 9 mm was so shiny and clean.i was very impressed with it's performance</p>

star rating:

Soft shooting


<p>These are some soft shooting rounds for sure. Accurate as well. My only complaint is the primers are a little hard, had to put a heavier striker spring to get total reliability. A softer primer and they would be perfect.</p>


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