Tanner M. - Founder

Tanner M.  - Founder

USAF Veteran. SSgt (2T3X2B Special Purpose Refueling Mechanic)

...and Harley Softail Deluxe owner. Just sayin. #livetoride

"Howdy Shooter dudes. Our company is my wife's fault. She buys too many things on subscription. I was complaining about not being able to find my favorite ammo and she was changing the filter in the Refrigerator. I asked her how she remembers to buy the filter every 6 months and she says she gets it on subscription. Bingo! I need ammo on subscription.

I could not find a suitable source for a subscription ammo so I decided to create one.

Ammo Subscription was born and we started shipping ammo in January 2017. We reached out to our Facebook friends and quickly gathered info on what types of ammo needed to be present when we launched. We are launching additional calibers as we grow."

A Little More About The Company

  • Who we are: Small Veteran owned team of gun fanatics that want to spread the love of ammunition across the globe in little boxes of awesomeness.
  • Where you are located: Dallas, Texas
  • Can you shoot: Just getting into the sport of shooting and will probably get smoked if you challenge me. But our ammo is engineered with science and precision baby. Check out this video about how the Softy is made.


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