Best Communication Options During an Emergency

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In today’s times of ever-advancing technology, we rely on many devices to keep us connected.

From PC's, to cell phones and tablets. We carry the world’s information in the palm of our hands. But what happens if that network fails?

A good example would be Hurricane Katrina. During the aftermath, the only people talking were on HAM radios. The cell networks, and all other forms of communication were down. This resulted in loss of life and property because the emergency information just couldn't be received by the public.

There are several options on the market to fill your communication preparedness needs.

One such device is called goTenna. Using a pair of these devices allows the user/s to send Text messages without service. goTenna can bluetooth connect to your phone, to the app. Secure, service-free texting to private groups in an emergency.

Another option, which I personally use, is a Portable HAM radio. A decent entry-level model is the Baofeng UV-5R. This radio allows the user to communicate not only on HAM bands, but also GMRS, FRS, Marine, and Weather. They’re very inexpensive, and for the most part easy to use... with plenty of aftermarket accessories to choose from.

A third choice would be just a standard set of Walkie-Talkies such as Midland handheld radios. They have a good range of reception, are relatively inexpensive, and are very user-friendly. If you know the frequency of your Walkie-Talkie bands, you can also use them to communicate with the Baofeng radios above. This works quite well, and helps save some money on having to have matching sets.

Being able to communicate with the outside world during an emergency situation can be difficult to say the least. However, with a radio in hand, the information you need is well within grasp.

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