Get Out and Shoot - Yes!

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Sometimes You Just Need To Get Out There and Shoot.

Today was one of those days. We have been shut in here at the office launching this website for at least the last month. Range Day!!!!

Range Day Shooting Steel

Nothing Better Than Shooting A New Gun

There were lots of folks out there shooting at the range today. Lots of personal instruction classes taking place. I love this. I love everything about a day at the range. Today we were knocking down steel plates and pulling the reset rope in record time.

Next to us was an instructor from Proactive Defense Tactical Training giving a one on one lesson to a new shooter with a cherry new Glock19.

Yes we did give that dude a new box of ammo to go with his new pistol.

Let 'Er Rip Dude

I recently posted on a forum about doing a mag dump. You know, the act of speed shooting, pulling the trigger as fast as you can to launch a steady stream of Freedom Bullets like Spider Man spinning a web of awesomeness toward an unsuspecting paper target? So this guy in the forum asks, "Why would you want to do that? Too expensive." . And to that I say, "Cause it is freakin awesome!" There is no other response that would be true. I just occasionally (all the time) like to rip into a mag and see how fast it will shoot and how many shots will get in the zip code of my target.

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