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You Thought You Knew How To Shoot

Did you know there were shooting clubs and competition events that you could be part of? True story. You may be like 99% of shooters in the U.S.A. that shoot often, but did you know you could step it up a notch?

We were out at Triple C Tactical Range

Out here at Triple C Tactical Range you will see a different breed of shooter. This is not like your run of the mill local firing range. Folks will drive in from hundreds of miles away to visit a range that allows you to push the envelope in training. Triple C does training in a cool way. You may compare it to a day on the golf range. Shooters travel from bay to bay shooting different targets and scoring their shots in a timed round. Some shooters compete with rifle and others choose to compete with pistol or both.

My advice to you... Get out and shoot.

Connect with your local events. Search out a Facebook group that shoots. Plug in and open up a new world of shooting fun.