How To Avoid "Dirty Fundamentals"

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No matter the discipline, tactical or competition, I see the same issue.

Being someone who is pretty active on social media I see a lot content from other shooters, such as Max J Michel and Tim Herron. More people have started posting videos of their practice, too, so it’s easier to study the issue.

I feel like the shooting community is in a downward spiral when it comes to crisp and clean fundamentals.

I believe there are plenty of people out there doing things correctly and methodically, but there appears to be more folks who simply want to show you how fast they are. Even someone with ‘OK’ fundamentals can have what I’ll call ‘Dirty Fundamentals.'

Dirty Fundamentals means moving correctly but introducing micro-movements when pushing for speed.

I'm not saying there is only one correct way to do things. In fact, I feel quite the opposite. But adding all sorts of weird body contortions when trying to gain speed will hurt your development as a shooter and actually make you slower.

These extra micro-movements are costing you precious time. They can be hard to spot, so I recommend digging up some video of yourself, or film some if you don’t have any.

Try to pick out weird body movements.

On the draw, look for shoulder movement, knee bending and the gun traveling in any odd path to the target that’s not simply up and out.

On the reload, look for weird shoulder movement, sudden but slight squatting and any added movement to the magazine or gun that isn’t essential. Everyone does a reload a bit different, but I like to rotate the gun in my hand as little as possible, bring it slightly back (maybe 3-4 inches) and rotate it sideways for mag insertion pointing the muzzle only slightly higher than at normal shooting height.

Match yours against a pro's run and notice the subtle differences.

Before you continue to burn some bad habits into your brain, find where you could clean up your fundamentals. Bad form and unnecessary movement not only waste time, but also make completing the task more difficult. Plus you look way more tacticool if you look efficient!

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