Must-Haves For Your Competition Belt

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Proper gear belt: absolutely necessary for 3 Gun

For competition you have to carry multiple magazines, extra shotgun shells, as well as a holstered handgun. There are infinite options for how you can set up your belt, but it all comes down to tailoring it to your shooting style.

We’re going to look at the essentials so that you have a better of idea of what you really need.

There are two components to a competition belt, an inner belt and outer belt.

Basically, the inner belt goes through your belt loops like a normal belt, and connects the outer belt to your body, which has all of your gear on it. A few brands to consider are the MidwayUSA belt, then Blade-Tech, Double Alpha, and Safariland. They are all different price ranges, the cheapest being MidwayUSA.

MidwayUSA gun belt

There's not really a wrong choice in any of these brands, but if you are planning on using it often, I recommend going with a higher-quality belt. Double Alpha or Safariland will last much longer than the cheaper options.

What needs to be on that belt?

This is where you can get creative and pick out the exact styles and brands you like. Before you start buying gear, figure out what kind of attachment system you are going to use. Most popular systems are Blade-Tech TekLoks or Safariland ELS.

Blade Tech Gun Attachment

An absolute must is a good holster for your handgun.

If your handgun falls out because your holster doesn't have proper retention, you'll be automatically disqualified from the match.

Next, ammunition!

You need extra magazine pouches for handgun magazines as well as rifle magazines. Usually, you want three extra handgun magazines and one extra rifle magazine.

Next, you'll need some kind of shell caddy for your extra shotgun shells. I recommend more than one.

They come in a few different types. The more traditional caddies only allow you to reload one round at a time, whereas newer caddies allow you grab two or four shells at a time, which I'm a fan of because it leads to faster reloads.

Shotgun Shell Caddy

That basically covers the essentials of a 3-gun belt, now you'll have to decide which specific parts are best suited for you.

The last thing to consider is the placement of each part.

Start with your handgun holster. Position it on your shooting-hand side wherever is most comfortable for you. You'll want your draw to be smooth and quick.

Next, place your handgun magazine pouches on the opposite side of your holster. This will allow you to grab them quickly with your off-hand when a reload is required. Your rifle magazine pouch can go in the back because access is not crucial. Finally, you will want your shell caddies in the front, so you can put yourself in a good position to execute a quick reload.

All that's left to do is find which set-up is going to make you successful in a match.

Get your gear and I’ll see you at the range!

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