No-Nonsense Insight Into Competitive Shooting: Sights

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Sights play an integral part of shooting.

This week we dive into the weeds of point shooting, such as how to maximize speed in picking up your sights and where to get the goods. Let’s start by getting into the basic characteristics of competition sights.

Most competition sights operate the same as you’d expect, but notice that my rear sights are blacked out and the front sights have a fiber optic front. My front sight does not glow in the dark, and this pistol will never be used in a self-defense situation unless it is a last resort option, of course. The goal of this sight setup is to hone in on your front sight post.

As a personal preference for me, I don’t like to clutter up my sight picture when time is of the essence.

Having a plain black rear sight is the best route. The fiber optic front portion of the sight aids in picking up and aligning so you can get faster shots on target.

Those sights come in very handy for those longer range shots!

One thing to take away from this video is that safety is always paramount.

About halfway through the clip I had a small act that could have been a safety violation, but luckily the Range Safety Officer deemed that I hadn’t broken that 180 degree safety area and I was able to continue the match.

Some very respected companies in the competitive sight game are Dawson Precision and Warren Tactical. Both brands have amazing products and you really can’t go wrong with either one. The sights from these companies usually run anywhere from $75 – $150.

Just because these are competition sights doesn’t mean this is what you have to get.

You can easily use the stock sights that came with your gun when you bought it, or any respected brand out there.

One cool thing about this sport is that as long as you stay within the rules set by whatever competition you partake in, the rest is completely up to you.

As always feel free to comment below if you have any questions at all.