One Easy Way to Improve Your Shooting Skills

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Last weekend I competed at a new USPSA match

Two hours one-way is a bit of a stretch for me, but a buddy and I figured we'd give it a go, and maybe end up going every couple months if we ended up liking it. And a certain match director had been trying to get me to attend for awhile.

The match itself actually went pretty quick due to most of the shooters being somewhat seasoned. As soon as it was over and all the props and targets had been picked up, we smashed out. We stopped to grab some fast food and rehashed how the match went.

One of the primary things we observed was that this match definitely targeted different skills than other matches we frequent.

This match targeted lots of quick and close target transitions, coupled with quick short movement. It was not bad, just different. Our usual monthly matches use a lot of long, spread-out shots with mini poppers hidden behind barrels, and shooting areas that resemble large circles.

Match variety can be a great training tool.

Just like I may have different strengths and weaknesses than some of the guys I train with, different matches/match designers have different strengths. Shooting match A can be great for training fast transitions and splits while match B can help build confidence on calling long shots or remembering where all those hidden poppers are.

As we finished our greasy post-match lunch, we decided moving forward we were going to mix up the matches we shoot each month to achieve maximum results. Your monthly match schedule should have some variation just like your live and dry fire practices.

Don't get stuck in a rut, switch it up!

Which matches have you always wanted to go shoot? Let us know in the comments.

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