The Most Important Factor In Competition Shooting

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I started competitive shooting in early 2016 and found that it was the perfect sport for me. Before competitive shooting, guns were fun but going out and throwing rounds down range without meaning was boring. Having something to work towards and improve on is what drives me to keep getting better. I primarily shoot USPSA but could definitely see myself expanding into other disciplines of the sport.

Come competition day, or in a self-defense situation, you don't any surprises when it comes to your equipment.

The number one thing I look for is equipment reliability. Equipment failure can come in a variety of different ways, but some of the most common ones are FTF (failure to feed) and FTE (failure to eject). A light strike (firing pin not hitting the primer hard enough to cause detonation) is another very common equipment failure, but I'd say that is primarily in competition shooting. Guys trying to get that light trigger sweetness end up creating a light strike issue.

Dependable equipment should be the primary concern when competing, and even more so when defending yourself. Testing for reliability at the range should be just as regular as cleaning at home.

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