We Want Your Military Stories!

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Tell Your Story with Ammo Subscription.

We're working on a quick-read booklet that is going to feature real stories from US Soldiers. We want ALL TYPES, from pucker-factor combat stories to hilarious pranks.

This is your chance to have your story told before it's forgotten.


The idea is to give active duty and vets a place to share for a print audience, all while helping each other out. We asked you guys if you wanted to read such stories and you overwhelmingly told us YES, you'd love to hear any funny/crazy/oh shit story that soldiers have.

We plan to include issues inside each ammo order, to distribute to gun ranges all over America, and we will also donate copies to soldiers overseas. Each issue, once people are done with it, will fold out into a shooting target with shooting game instructions.

We need your help to spread the word

Please share this link with veterans, active duty or anyone who has a great story! https://goo.gl/forms/1Gfbxzt0Cf7LftRm2

Thank you for helping us out, and we can't wait to read your submissions.