What's In Your EDC?

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A lot of us firearm enthusiasts own a ton of cherished gear.

From holsters and guns, to pepper spray and lock picks, it can be hard to determine what gear is necessary to keep with you day to day. Your "Every Day Carry" consists of practical gear that should be ready to go if needed, and excludes gear that is just for fun.

Using a common system of gear management, called Tiers, can help to organize your equipment into useful and accessible groups. I have found that a tiered system of prepared gear is a reliable approach that doesn’t overburden the carrier.

Tier 1

By far the most important tier, this includes what you have in your pockets and on your belt at all times. This is the gear you can rely on having, and is most likely the only gear that will be available to you in a split second emergency.

At a basic level Tier 1 will include, but is not limited to; cellphone, folding knife, keys, wallet, firearm.

Tier 2 and beyond

From this base, things can become more specific and specialized, like carrying a wound closure kit, battery charger for a cellphone, spare magazines and ammunition, or other items depending on your skill sets and your likely environment/problems you will need to overcome. The goal is not just to carry items that you would use in a combat situation, but to carry items that will serve you consistently day to day.

Consider Medical Supplies

You don’t just want extreme emergency items like a tourniquet and quick clotting agent. You are more likely to need band aids and aspirin, so these more basic supplies should be included in your medical supplies, and used and replaced as needed.

My personal EDC includes the following (though it is frequently added to or subtracted from depending on circumstances):

Key ring

  • Keys to house, car, spouses car
  • Folding lockpick
  • USB drive holding important numbers and files


  • ID and licenses, spare emergency cash
  • Handcuff shim
  • Band aids


  • 9mm handgun with kydex holster
  • Spare magazine with kydex holster
  • Phone
  • Fast open folding pocket knife
  • Miniature flashlight (which could fit on keyring, depending on type)

I have frowned upon certain new industry fads, such as promoting the sale of ‘spinners’ to the EDC community. We are a gear-focused group of people, and can sometimes get sidetracked by something new and shiny.

Questions to ask yourself before adding to your EDC

Is what you’re carrying useful?
Is it more useful than something else that you could be carrying?
Is the weight justified?
Did I buy this thing because I saw a cool picture on Instagram?

These are valid questions and can help prevent you from wasting money on useless items while optimizing your kit for your individual needs.

Stay smart and shoot safe!

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