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One Easy Way to Increase Grip Strength

After 3 weeks of using this equipment, I feel like I have a more controlled grip. They've allowed me to grip my gun more securely during dry fire, and I built stamina for a longer hold.

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How To Avoid "Dirty Fundamentals"

More people have started posting videos of their practice, so it’s easier to notice it, but no matter the discipline, tactical or competition, I see the same issue.

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Must-Haves For Your Competition Belt

Not sure what you need for your competition belt after seeing the numerous options available? Look no further.

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One Easy Way to Improve Your Shooting Skills

Match variety can be a great training tool. Don't get stuck in a rut, switch it up!

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The Secret to Improving Shooting Speed

Within the shooting sports, progress of your shooting skills can be measured in a number of ways: accuracy, consistency, and speed.

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Getting Smart with Match Grade Ammunition

Are you going through tons of rounds, wondering if you’re gaining anything by splurging on match grade ammo?

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