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4 Ways to Maximize Your Live Fire Training

Being involved in shooting for a while, I do four things to help maximize the benefits of my range time.

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Tips for Target Pasting

When it comes to Target Pasting, paper cuts are the least of your worries.

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How To Prepare For a 3-Gun Match

After reading these tips, all you'll have to worry about is getting registered for future matches.

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What To Do With Your Pistol Caliber Carbine

PCC or Pistol Caliber Carbine is a new provisional division in USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association), and it seems to be growing in popularity.

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Foolproof Training Tips For A Big 3-Gun Match

All competitive shooters have their own methods for training for a big match. But are they effective?

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This One Trick Improved My Workout

Working out and shooting guns. It's a more perfect pairing than you think.

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