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We're Ready. Are You?

VIDEO: Military Motivation Monday- Sacrifice. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something and you're not going to like it. But in the end, it's all worth it.

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Taliban Takes Shot at U.S. Soldiers... Their Response is Perfect

VIDEO: When it comes to well-trained U.S. Soldiers, you don't want to find yourself at the end of the barrel.

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Choosing the Essential Gun Belt

After your firearm and holster, the next most important piece to consider is the belt it will rest on.

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How I Got Started with Competition Shooting

However you get started in Competition Shooting, remember, you don't have to be a good shooter, only a safe shooter.

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We Want Your Military Stories!

Have your story told. We will publish your combat story and ship it to Americans all over the country and to soldiers overseas.

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How To Avoid "Dirty Fundamentals"

More people have started posting videos of their practice, so it’s easier to notice it, but no matter the discipline, tactical or competition, I see the same issue.

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