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4 Ways to Maximize Your Live Fire Training

Being involved in shooting for a while, I do four things to help maximize the benefits of my range time.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Loading a Self-Defense Weapon

Does your firearm and ammunition avoid over-penetration? Choosing the right combination for your environment is important for bystander safety.

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Tips for Target Pasting

When it comes to Target Pasting, paper cuts are the least of your worries.

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How To Prepare For a 3-Gun Match

After reading these tips, all you'll have to worry about is getting registered for future matches.

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No-Nonsense Insight Into Competitive Shooting: Grip

Grip is probably one of the most important principles when it comes to shooting handguns.

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Survival Fuels and How to Store Them

Our cars run on it, our homes heat with it, our food is prepared with it. Life changes dramatically without it. Storing fuel is a priority before an emergency.

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