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What's In Your EDC?

EDC (Every Day Carry) needs to be ready to handle anything at a moment's notice.

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How Marching Band Paid Off at the Range

One skill that can be pretty elusive to new shooters is learning how to shoot on the move.

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How To Make the Most of Your Shooting Season

The goal isn't to win... It's what you have to accomplish to get you a win.

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Quick Guide to Prepping That Everyone Should Read

The average American family has only seven days worth of food on hand at any given time. Are you prepared for an emergency?

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The Softy - A New 9mm Round For Competition

You want a Soft Shooting 9mm 147 Grain Bullet that will fire every time and help you stay on target. The Softy is the answer for those that are looking for a -P 9mm round.

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Hidden Shooting Society

You may be like 99% of shooters in the U.S.A. that shoot often, but did you know you could step it up a notch?

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