Survival Fuels and How to Store Them

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Humans, in general, are energy-driven creatures. But all energy comes at a cost, and that cost is fuel.

Our cars run on it, our homes heat with it, our food is prepared with it. Life changes dramatically without it.

If an emergency has taken the local, regional or even national power down, no fuels will flow. In that situation, what you have on hand is it. The only thing we can do is store it ahead of time. The problem is that most fuels degrade over time and lose their potency. If you've ever left gas in a Lawnmower over winter, you know what I mean.

Fuels used for heating will store with limited issues.

These are kerosene, both on and off road diesel, and Home Heating Oil #1, which is also diesel fuel.

  • K1 Kerosene stores without any issues, No additives needed.
  • Diesel fuels are highly hygroscopic, meaning they attract water. An additive added yearly, such as Sta-Bil Diesel will help control water and fungus growth. If your fuel storage area reaches low temperatures, an Anti-Gel agent will also need to be added.

Gasolines will begin to degrade over a one year period.

Adding a fuel stabilizer, such as Sta-Bil for gasoline, will keep the "bang" in every drop, and can be added yearly to already treated fuel. The addition of ethanol to our gas supply has also created the issue of fungus growth in fuel systems, but gas treatments will help with that problem as well.

White Gasoline aka Coleman Fuel will store forever and can be used in anything that runs on gasoline. It is the cost of this product that turns many off from building any sort of stock of it, averaging $12 Per gallon. But, how far can you go on a gallon of gas? Benefit over cost makes for a good argument to store it. (Coleman Fuel is the same as zippo fuel. Just an FYI when you’re staring at the many selections in the aisle).

They say, "an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure," but in this case, it's measured in gallons.

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