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Best Communication Options During an Emergency

The power grid is down. How will you contact your loved ones and the outside world?

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This One Trick Improved My Workout

Working out and shooting guns. It's a more perfect pairing than you think.

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How I Decided How Much Gun to Carry

For people considering starting to conceal carry, choosing the right firearm can be an exciting and daunting task.

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How to Make the Most Out of Losing a Competition

The results from your last match just got posted on Practiscore. To your disappointment, you find yourself towards the bottom of the list. The one question we ask is "where do I go from here?"

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This Hobby May One Day Save Your Life

Competitive shooting is a fantastic sport, but have you ever considered that it may be what saves your life one day?

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No-Nonsense Insight Into Competitive Shooting: A Series

A comprehensive look at the aspects of competitive shooting. Stay tuned!

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