About Us

About Us:
  • Who we are: The founder is a Motivated USAF Veteran that wanted some ammo and thought this would be the best way to get some. Create an ammo subscription business and buy crap tons of ammo.
  • Why we sell the items we sell: We love ammo and have a passion for training, defense, and preparedness. We built this business to solve our own problem of getting high quality, inexpensive ammo on a regular basis with less effort.
  • Where we are located: Dallas, Texas
  • How long we have been in business: Hatching Ammo Subscription in 2016
  • Why you should buy from us: because our ammo is awesome , inexpensive, and ammo will be delivered to your door in a freakin awesome effortless package.

Check out the prices and offers we have. Buy some ammo at a nice savings and convenience. Get on the mailing list for promotions and free ammo contests held occasionally. Tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to do the same.